Additional Free Services

We know that email marketing can be a bit confusing sometimes. We’ve made Emailey as “idiot proof” as possible (not that we’re calling anyone an idiot mind…). But we know that people are busy and sometimes this means that they don’t have the time to really make the most of their campaigns.

So we’ve put together some additional free services that we hope you’ll love. We do this because it’ll help improve your campaigns, and better campaigns = happy customers.

Free Branded Template

For new customers, we’ll create and upload a free, branded template to your account. We’ll build this using the Emailey Template Builder, so straight away you’ll have a mobile friendly, custom HTML template to use.

We’ll take the branding and style from your website, and use this to make sure the template matches your corporate standards.

We do this because the Emailey Template Builder is so quick and easy to use. There’s no obligation to use this free template, but it gives you an idea of the kind of template you can put together.

Database Import

If you’d like, we can import your database for you. Just send us the file and we’ll upload it to your account.

File formats we can import into your account include:

  • Excel documents (e.g. .xls, .xlsx, .csv)
  • comma separated values text files (.csv)
  • tab delimited text files (.txt)
  • vCard files
  • compressed file formats (e.g. .zip, .rar, .7z).
Integrated ‘Sign Up’ Forms & Buttons

Subscribe Buttons

Subscribe buttons are a neat, compact alternative (or addition) to displaying a full subscribe form on your site. Emailey understands that not everyone is comfortable configuring things like this, so we’ll offer to do this for you, for free.

We’ll first customise the button to suit, then grab the code and can drop it into any web page (you’ll need to give us access to your site, or alternatively we can provide you with the code to insert yourself of sent onto your web management team).

We’ve made subscribe buttons small to slot into your website’s sidebar or footer, but they’re still capable of collecting plenty of subscriber detail.

Form customisation

Emailey Subscribe Form

The subscribe button form includes a default title and two fields (for name and email) as shown here:

Here’s what we can do to customise the form for you:

  • Change the title to anything you like (maximum length is 70 characters).
  • Add a summary or subtitle (maximum length is 120 characters).
  • Choose which fields to show and optionally set them as “required”. Except for the email field, of course, which is set to required by default.
  • Change the Button label to something other than “Subscribe”.
  • Select a different Language from the drop-down menu. This changes the name and email field labels for you. For all other text, see the information on “Choosing a different language” later in this section.

HTML Subscribe Forms

If you’d rather have the subscribe form integrated into your website directly (as opposed to the above, where you have a ‘Subscribe’ button which when clicks presents a pop up form), then we can create this for you to.

Just tell us what fields you’d like to capture (i.e. name, company and email) and we’ll create this for you. Again, we can add it to your site if you give us access, or send you the code directly. The form will automatically pick up the styling of your website from its CSS code.

Free Training

If you’d like some additional training on Emailey, then get in touch. We can arrange a free, one hour, telephone training session to cover the aspects that you’d like more information on.

Just email with the specific areas you need help with. We’ll then arrange a suitable date and time to carry out this training.

If telephone training isn’t what you’re after, we can put the information you need together into a pack and send this to you via email.

Strategies for Growth

We know not everyone is obsessed with email marketing as us! So you might not be as up to date on the latest trends and actions you can do to help improve your campaigns.

So once a quarter we can put together a little pack for you to help you grow your subscriber lists and improve your campaigns.

The packs contains:

  • A summary of your current position
  • Analysis of your past mailings
  • Ideas and strategies to help grow your subscriber list
  • Ideas for future campaigns
  • Ideas for overall improvement

This is something you have to request, so if this is of interest, please get in touch – email us on


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