More than just content and design: What else do your emails need?

More than just content and design: What else do your emails need?

It can be all too easy to get bogged down in creating beautiful emails and fussing over pantone colours when you’re prepping an email marketing campaign. Indeed, as the content is the most important component, you could spend hours, even days, refining, tweaking and perfecting your message to get the best results. However, we don’t think that’s enough. In fact, we think that if all you’re doing is creating content and designing emails, you might be missing a trick.

There are three main things that you should be putting just as much, if not more, effort into when you are preparing your emails. These are:

  1. The FAB of your product
  2. The call to action
  3. Your overall strategy


It’s old, old hat now, but the marketing mantra of ‘Features and Benefits’ is still just as powerful today as it has been for many decades. Your customer will be delighted to hear about your new range of men’s socks, but unless they can understand what’s different about these socks and why they need to buy them, the message will be wasted.

Instead of promoting a ‘new range of men’s socks’, or even ‘new socks at half price’, you should be focussing on the FAB of the product. ‘New 100% wool dual layer men’s walking socks, for increased thermal comfort and blister free walking, are now half price’ on the other hands tells the customer what is great about these socks as well as what the benefits to them will be. Much better.

The call to action

All too often we see emails being sent where the call to action (CTA) is lost in the noise of the email. You need to have a clear, defined reason for sending this email before you start, and a specific action that you want the customer to complete in order to judge the email a success.

This may be clicking through to your website, downloading a document, using a discount code, making a purchase or any number of other things. The important thing for you is to define exactly what it is you want your customer to do, and to ensure that the entire email revolves around this purpose.

Your strategy

Take a step back from your email content and design, and try to see where this message fits in in the great scheme of things. Is this message a follow up to something else? Do you plan to follow this email up with another in a set period of time? Getting your strategy right is crucial to maximise the power of email marketing, so rather than just banging out an email when you think of it, try to work to a set schedule of emails, giving your customers predictability and consistency with your email messages.

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