Four things you really need to know about subject lines for marketing emails

Four things you really need to know about subject lines for marketing emails

Every business can benefit from email marketing. The ability to communicate with huge numbers of customers in a cost effective, timely and traceable manner has led to many marketers adopting email as an important component of their marketing strategy. However, the challenge still remains of getting your customers to actually read what you send them. After all, if they delete your email before they even open it, then all the work that went into your cleverly crafted content has gone to waste.

A businesses front line in the battle to get customers to notice their email marketing is the subject line of the email. Get it right and you’re sure to get at least an open and a cursory browse through the content. Get it wrong and your well thought out email will be heading straight for the trash. Here are four things you really need to know to get your subject lines hitting the right notes with your customers.

1. Size matters

Consider the length of your subject line. Too long and the whole sentence will not show. Too short and you’ll be wasting a valuable opportunity to communicate from the inbox. Email marketers suggest a length of 50 characters or just a bit less is optimal for most requirements.

2. Numbers speak volumes

Using numbers attracts attention. Try to include attractive numbers such as ’50% off’ or ‘Top 5’ will engage readers quickly and encourage them to open your email.

3. Your readers want excitement

As with anything in life, the more exciting it sounds, the more you are likely to get attention. A customer who receives ‘Jones Co. February Newsletter’ is not likely to be entirely inspired to open and read. However, if that company sent the same newsletter which promised ‘3 insider tips from the experts’ or ‘6 strategic problems fixed for you’, they will be much more inclined to go ahead and open the email.

4. Trial and error is key

You are never going to get it spot on first time, so indulge in a little testing and experimenting to find what works best for your audience. You can try split testing two different subject lines to see what response you get, or ask for feedback from your customers. Practice and testing usually makes perfect eventually in email marketing.

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