3 Best Practice Email Marketing Myths - Busted

3 Best Practice Email Marketing Myths – Busted

Following best practice principles makes sense in all areas of business. However, sometimes things that start life as best practice get changed and adapted, by which stage they are more ‘common’ practice than ‘best’.

Common practices that have become separated from the underpinning principles of best practice can end up with businesses undertaking costly and time consuming activities which may not have been necessary in the first place.

Email is a widely adopted channel for marketing, but it is also a channel that constantly changes and evolves as technology changes too. Behaviours of our consumers change, social media changes things, inboxes change and hardware changes. Companies who continue with ‘common practice’ and fail to change with the time will be missing out on the flexibility that email marketing offers.

Here are three of the most commonly adopted practices which may no longer be best practice for your campaign.

Myth 1: Everything must be tested

Testing everything would be nice, but in a world where cost effectiveness and ROI rule, testing everything is more of an aspiration than a reality. In the real world marketers should focus on testing a few things with good regularity, and then expanding your testing practice once you have a handle on how it all works.

Myth 2: Open rates indicate success

Open rates are a bit of a misnomer in the world of email marketing. Whilst they are certainly a measure that can indicate an element of success, they should not be treated as the primary indicator for your campaign. With many email programmes showing previews or not downloading images, the open rate may not indicate with any accuracy just how many people have viewed your message. More important to monitor is your click through rate and conversion rate. This is what your boss will be interested in, so you should be interested in it too.

Myth 3: Everything should revolve around your campaign

Of course you want your campaign to be a success, but in with that you should be using email marketing to build relationships with your customers and retain subscribers over the long term. Constantly being bashed with your campaign message will be a big turn off to your subscribers, so intersperse this message with genuinely valuable and useful content.

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