4 Key Emails Every Company Should Be Sending

Email marketing has been shown to be a winner in terms of ROI every time, but do you know what you should be sending, and when? Here are 4 key emails that your business should be sending right now to nurture and grow your leads and contacts into future revenue.

1.  The Company Newsletter

A company newsletter is a great way to keep in touch in a non salesy manner with everyone on your distribution list. Include in it summaries of all your recent activity, blog posts, promotions and photographs of any new products or events you have been to. If you don’t currently send out a newsletter, you’ll find the most time consuming part is designing the template. Once you have this working document, filling it with content and sending it out each month is easy.

2.  New Product Announcements

Releasing a new product or launching a new service? Let your opt in mailing list know about it first. Include any early bird discount offers or exclusive access to these people ahead of putting it out to the wider marketplace and enjoy warming up those old leads who are looking to upgrade their existing services from you.

3.  Promotions and Sales

If you are promoting a particular product or running a flash sale, let your email list be the first to hear about it. Make sure the email makes it clear how that product is of use to the customer, and what problems it solves, and don’t forget that all important call to action to convert your contacts into sales.

4.  Expert Advice

Don’t just reserve email marketing for selling. Confirm your position as an expert in your field by offering advice, tips, factsheets and user guides to your contacts and you’ll be the first person they come to when they are ready to buy. Your blog is also an excellent way to cement your position as a leader in your field, so write blogs that people love to read and don’t forget to tell your distribution list when a new post is available.


The key to any good email marketing strategy is to send regularly and send things that people enjoy reading. Constant emails asking them to ‘buy, buy, buy’ will only result in a swift ‘bye, bye, bye’ from them and a lot of cancelled subscriptions. Send a variety of messages to reinforce your position as a trusted and useful contact and you can be sure of being in the right place at the right time to collect your sale.

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