5 email design tips from the pros

5 email design tips from the pros

Designing emails that work for you and your brand is not an easy task. Here are 5 top tips from the professionals on how to create the very best email designs for your needs.

1. Align the design with your brand

Your subscribers have already demonstrated their trust in your brand by giving you permission to write to them. Build this relationship by positioning your company logo somewhere prominent in your email, and by following corporate branding principles when choosing your colours, fonts and tone.

2. Understand where readers will scan

Extensive research shows that we tend to scan in a capital F pattern, particularly when reading information on the internet. Make the most of this knowledge by placing important titles, your logo, key headlines and your call to action in the hot spot areas of the scanning field of vision. Try to keep most of your marketing email above the fold, but if you do need to use more page space, ensure that all the high priority information is contained in the top area.

3. Give total priority to your call to action

The hottest of hot spots is the upper left quadrant of your email, so reserve this space for your well-crafted call to action. Make the reward for completing the action something your subscribers will actually want, such as a competition entry, some unique downloadable content or a juicy discount code, and tell them right here in the first place that they look what it is you want them to do as a result of receiving this email.

4. Ensure it looks great, no matter how it’s viewed

Remember when designing your email that around 60 per cent of email clients will block images by default, so don’t rely on images in your emails to deliver the important messages. Use alt tags with images to describe what would have been there, and ensure you develop a text only version of the email too. With many emails now being opened on mobile devices, consider how your message will look on a small screen too.

5. Test it, then test it again (and again)

Keep testing your email format and design to continually refine and perfect the design and message you are using. As well as this, test it yourself with several email clients to see how it performs in a variety of viewing pane scenarios.

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