6 Secrets to Effective Email Marketing

With everyone and their grandmother sending out emails marketing their services and products, making an email marketing campaign that really stands out from the crowd is critical if you want to enjoy success. Take a look at our six secrets of highly successful email campaigns that the experts don’t want you to know about.

1. Be more than useful – be indispensable

Being an expert in your field is no good if you don’t share your skills with others. Make your emails sing out that you are the most knowledgeable, up to date and trustworthy company out there and you’ll enjoy the conversions you are looking for.

2. Call them to action with gusto

A weak or non-existent call to action makes the whole email rather pointless. You don’t need to be pushy in order to ask your readers to do something back for you, and it doesn’t always have to be a sale. All you need to say is, “You’ve enjoyed this, now do something for us” and that something could be reading another article, reviewing a product or completing a survey. Make it strong, and make it clear, whatever that call to action is.

3. Timing is everything

Difference audiences, products and email flavours have varying rates of success dependent on the time of day they are sent. There is no ‘right’ time to send your emails, but it is important for you to figure out when is the ‘best’ time. Tinker with the time slots and analyse the results to find the best time for your message.

4. Make the relevance crystal clear

Making your content relevant to your audience is the Holy Grail of email marketing. If you are able to send separate emails based on customers previous purchase history and / or demographic, then this is much more likely to elicit a positive response.

5. Measure and monitor, all the time

There is no failsafe email marketing strategy that will work for every company, so it’s important to constantly measure and monitor the success of your efforts so you can learn what works best. When you think you’ve come up with a winning strategy, don’t give up monitoring. Keep going so that as the market and trends change, you can be ahead of the game in switching your message to suit.

6. Be ready to modify, and quickly

If something isn’t working for your company, it’s important to recognise that and make a switch as soon as possible. Poor messages, at best, are a waste of your time and resources, and at worst could lead to a flurry of unsubscriptions.

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