Testing Your Email Marketing Campaign: Is Your Call To Action Strong Enough?

Testing Your Email Marketing Campaign: Is Your Call To Action Strong Enough?

Within your email marketing campaign, a call to action is the critical point that asks the reader to take the next step in the process. Whatever action you want you recipient to take, whether it is reading an article in full on your website, registering for an event or purchasing a product, your call to action or CTA is the key to getting the desired response.

Testing the effectiveness of your CTA is obviously crucial if you are to design one that really works, but how should this testing be done? Here are some of the elements you should consider testing to ensure your CTA is complementing your email marketing campaign effectively.

Testing the CTA within your email marketing campaign

What does the CTA look like?

Take a step back and see how your call to action looks within the rest of the email. A good email marketing campaign will have a cohesive look and feel to the message, but will still manage to make the CTA jump off the page at the reader. If you aren’t sure how to do this, try adjusting the size, colour and white space and get some second opinions on which version looks better.

Where is the CTA?

Placement of the CTA is crucial if you are to get it noticed by all your readers. Readers on a PC or laptop will generally read the page in a capital ‘F’ shape, and those on a mobile device will read in a capital ‘I’ shape. Take this into consideration when choosing where to put your CTA, and test the response you get when moving the CTA to different places within those shapes. It’s a good idea to include a secondary CTA further down the page to allow those who read right to the end to simply click through without having to scroll back up.

Wording of your CTA

To get your wording right, you need to understand where people are in the process at the point at which you send the email to them. If, for example, you are sending an email about a conference that they will never have heard of before, chances are they are not really ready to ‘register now’, but might be more inclined to ‘learn more’. Here are some more ways to present your CTA depending on how warm your customers are:

  • Book your place today / Learn more
  • Download now / View report
  • Buy it now / More information
  • Download full guide / View article

It is a good idea to do some split testing of each of these elements of your CTA, monitoring and reviewing the response to different layouts and wordings. By continually testing your CTA and improving where possible, you’ll ensure your email marketing campaign is a real success.

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