Surprising Email Marketing Statistics to Show You How Powerful It Can Be

Surprising Email Marketing Statistics to Show You How Powerful It Can Be

With all the hype around social media marketing, you might be thinking that email marketing is dead, or at least on its way out. Well, there you’d be wrong. Research has shown us just how powerful email marketing can be (in the right hands) and what an incredible response it still gets from the people who receive it. Here are some surprising email marketing statistics that go to prove how good an investment an email marketing campaign can be.

Current email marketing trends [i]

  • 56% of small businesses plan to increase their email marketing activities in 2013 (tweet this)
  • Subject is king – at less than 25 characters and the only part of the email guaranteed to be read, businesses are spending more time devising catch subject lines than ever before
  • The best time to send emails is after 5pm and before 10pm, after work and before bedtime  (tweet this)
  • Consumers who make purchases through marketing offers spend on average 138% more than those who didn’t receive an offer (tweet this)

Email marketing statistics from 2012 [ii]

  • Email click through rates were between 4.4% and 4.7% in 2012 (tweet this)
  • Open rates are on the rise, ranging from 25.6% to 26.2% compared to just 22% in 2010 (tweet this)
  • Triggered email (sent as the result of an action) represented just 2.6% of total email volume, but attracted a massive 49.8% open rate (tweet this)
  • Around half of an email list was be active, i.e. opening or clicking on emails (tweet this)

What industries think of email marketing

  • 40% of B2B marketers rate the leads gained from email marketing as high quality leads [iii] (tweet this)
  • 98% of marketers rated leads from email marketing as being low cost (tweet this)
  • The fashion industry had the most active users in 2012, with 39% opening or clicking an email (tweet this)
  • Other industries enjoying high opening / clicking rates included business and publishing (34%), travel (31%) and general retail (30%)

The importance of the subject line

  • B2B companies saw the best performance with subject lies containing the words “money”, “revenue” and “profit” (tweet this)
  • Subject lines containing the words “ROI”, “industry” and “asset” were the worst performers (tweet this)
  • Subject lines that contained the GBP (£) symbol had a higher than average click to open rate and performed better than both the USD ($) symbol and the Euro (€) symbol  (tweet this)
  • For promotions, the word “sale” in the subject line performed best (tweet this), with other terms like “free”, “half price” and “discount” all performing worse. A close runner to sale was “voucher” which had an above average click to open rate, and the worst performer overall was the term “early bird”

For more interesting and surprising email marketing statistics, the Ultimate List has many more interesting insights into this valuable marketing medium, proving once and for all that email marketing still has a firm foot on the ladder of marketing techniques.