What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing For Small Business?

What Are The Benefits Of Email Marketing For Small Business?

It seems that everyone is hopping on the email marketing bandwagon these days, and it’s not just the big players either. Companies like Amazon, eBay and major high street brands have been email marketing to their customers for years, but with the introduction of accessible and affordable email marketing software platforms such as Emailey, many small and medium businesses are finding this a valuable and profitable way to communicate with their clients.

The benefits of email marketing for small business are numerous, and for start-ups and new companies the ability to directly communicate and build relationships with customers is critical to ensuring long term success. Here are just a few of the reasons we know email marketing for small business is a good thing.

1.  Low start-up costs

All you need to get started with your own email marketing for small business campaign really is a computer, an internet connection and an account with an email marketing provider such as Emailey. You probably already have two of these three things, and the third is super easy to secure. Compare this to the cost of running a print or radio campaign and the benefits are easy to see.

2. Instant communication

With email marketing for small business, getting the message out there and quickly is key to the success of your campaign. With straightforward sign up processes and simple tools for designing and sending emails, you can get your message to your customers on the same day if you wish.

3. Better customer retention

Sending an individual email or letter to past customers is a time intensive process, and will not be the best way to build long term relationships for either of you. By using email marketing for small business, you can send regular communications in a personalised manner, so that when your customers are ready to buy again, you will be the first company that comes to mind.

4. Easy testing and monitoring

With email marketing for small business you can easily test and check how effective your messages are being. The software you are using will be able to tell you how many people open your email, how many respond to the call to action and many other useful statistics, allowing you to tailor your campaign and strategy to get the best results.

5. High quality SEO juice

Many small businesses struggle to get traffic to their websites purely because they cannot get high enough on the Google rankings. email marketing for small business gives you a workaround for this, getting users to visit your site via links in your email, thereby increasing the traffic to your site and it’s visibility to the search engines.

6. A more level playing field

Because you don’t need stacks of resources or a marketing team of thousands to put together a good email marketing campaign, you have the ability to level out the playing field between you and your competition. If you can do it better than the big cheeses in your industry, you’ll be stealing business from under their nose effortlessly.

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