Three reasons email marketing should be a top priority for 2014

Three reasons email marketing should be a top priority for 2014

As we launch into 2014, many marketers will be receiving their budget allocations and plans for the forthcoming months. No doubt you are continuing to persevere with your social media activities, and of course you’ll be focusing on SEO to keep your site at the top of the SERPS. Maybe you’re even indulging in a little AdWords or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising too. But what about email marketing?

Whether you’ve got a list of loyal customers that you want to maintain contact with, or are looking to build a new list of people who are potentially interested in your products, email marketing offers unrivalled opportunity to reach out to huge numbers of people in a cost effective, responsive manner. Around 92 per cent of adults who use the internet have at least one email account, and of these email users more than 70 per cent of them check their inbox over six times per day. With stats like that, email marketing really is a no brainer.

However, if you still need more evidence to convince you to market via email, here are a few reasons to cement the importance of this communication stream in your marketing strategy for 2014.

1. Email marketing killed direct mail… stone dead

A rather bold statement, but a true one nonetheless. Apart from a few very niche industries, marketing via email is better than direct mail for oh so many reasons. As well as eliminating the expense of designing, printing and mailing out your communications, email marketing is fully trackable, letting you know whether anyone actually read your well-crafted delivery.

2. Email marketing brings more visitors to your website

Even if the particular offer or product you have promoted in your email is not of interest to your customer, other content might pique their interest in your company and brand, giving them the impetus to visit your website anyway. Emails are also fantastically easy to share, so you might find new visitors arriving from offers they have been sent by their friends.

3. You can boost customer loyalty through targeted emails

Sending regular communications featuring news, product launches, special offers and suchlike will keep your customers aware of your brand and the products you offer. Keeping this relationship strong with predictable communication schedules that are relevant to them will build their loyalty to your brand, so that when they are ready to purchase a product, you’re the first company on their mind.

Talk to us about how to start email marketing in 2014, and how to craft emails that really get the response you desire.

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