Design Beautiful Emails

Before you can do anything, you’ll need a beautifully designed email template. This is dead easy with Emailey. You can either take one of our many free templates (which can be easily amended if you wanted to change any colours or add your own logos), or you can design your own fantastic template using our Emailey Template Builder (watch a video of this in action here).

All templates build using our Template Builder are mobile ready, ensuring they look fantastic on all devices. You can also run an Inbox Preview, so you can see how your email will render in all the major email provider.

Ensuring you get the most from your email campaigns, we make it easy to A/B split test your email campaigns – test the subject line, from name and content, then Emailey will automatically send out the winner.


Create beautiful templates using our Emailey Template Builder

Don’t understand HTML code? Fear not. You can easily create professionally designed, responsive, html email templates. Fully optimised for both desktop and mobile users – without the need to manually add for a single piece of coding.More…

Access to a FREE template gallery

Find yourself looking for inspiration? We have plenty of design advice just waiting for you, and a free template gallery packed full of templates which will ensure your emails stand out from the crowd.

No Emailey logos!

We know how annoying it can be when you’re forced to include another company’s logo on your emails. We ensure that your campaign is solely yours containing only your signage and branding.

You can still use your favourite email coding programmes

Built with our customers in mind, you can still create your own unique html email design using your favourite tools and easily import them with a click of the mouse.

Create re-usable templates

You can quickly turn any HTML email into a template which can be used time and time again, saving you time and money in the long run.More…


Personalise your email campaigns

You can easily insert your subscribers name, company, job title (or anything else you want!), to make your emails completely personalised.

Easy A/B split testing

Emailey makes it easy to test different versions of your email – from subject lines, design or content. Create two versions and Emailey will send the winner automatically! More…


Inbox Preview

See how your email will look in over 20 different email platforms – we’ll run a test then send you screenshots for you to view and save. More…

Need to make changes to your campaign?

You can easily make quick amendments to your email by editing the code directly within your browser.

Mobile-Ready HTML email templates

With mobile technology showing no signs of slowing down, you’ll want to ensure your email campaigns are responsive enough to be viewed on mobile devices. Use our template builder and your email can be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices without you having to change a thing. More…


Spam Testing

To ensure tour email won’t be blocked by spam filters, we’ll run your it through popular spam filters at the desktop, server and firewall level before it gets sent.

Move your CSS inline

We will automatically move all your CSS inline to achieve better results on email clients such as Gmail and Outlook.