Design a template

We prove that you don’t need to be an expert in IT as our template builder (watch our a video of it in action here!) makes it very easy for anyone to create beautiful email templates in minutes. All you need to do is choose from one of the layouts available to you, personalised it with your own colours and logos and you are ready to create a professional email campaign. All templates you create using our template builder are automatically optimised for mobile too.

Build your own designs

For the more advanced user, Emailey  lets you create your own designs and import them with a single click of the mouse.  We will automatically inline your CSS, host your images and provide you with preview screenshots of your email campaign prior to submission.

Inline CSS

With the click of a mouse we’ll move all your CSS inline to gain optimum results for emails clients such as Gmail and Outlook.

No Emailey Badges or Logos

YOUR email campaign should be entirely yours! We don’t impose on your creativity with our logos or branding.

Free Hosting

Receive free hosting as we host all of your images on super-speed and secure CDN as no extra cost to you.

Be Inspired

If you need inspiration at any time we are always on hand to provide design advice as and when you require it plus you will have access to a gallery of examples and free templates.

One Click Content

Nobody has the time to write something twice. This is why we have ensured our application allows you to easily import content from your website into your newsletter. It will be automatically formatted and ready to send to your customers. You can import your blogs, important information or upcoming events without the need to spend excess time retyping.

Our Template Language

With a few simple tags, you can convert your email into a flexible template that can be re-used time and time again. So even if you don’t have any HTML language experience you can still easily create a fantastic email template.

Mobile Ready Templates

Regardless of whether your subscriber uses a laptop, IPhone or tablet they will be able to view your email with ease and in a format that suits the device. All your email campaigns designed with our Emailey Template Builder will be optimised for both mobile email clients and desktop. You even have the option to view what your email would look like on a mobile device prior to submission. Now that is impressive!