Social Sharing

Making it easier for your recipients to share your campaigns with Emailey’s social sharing feature! You can easily embed a “Like” and/or “Tweet” button in your emails.

Let us show you a gorgeous report showing you who is sharing your emails and they are saying about you to their friends and family.

Social Reporting

In real-time you can see what your subscribers are saying about you and more importantly be a part of the conversations of Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll combine the social shares with everyone who forwarded your email to a friend, so you can see the true reach of your latest campaign, all in one place.

Facebook Subscribe

Our Facebook Subscribe app makes it easy to drop a signup form right into your Facebook page.

Real-time Conversations

With Worldview you can get to know your subscribers like never before. A real-time full-screen map to show you what people are saying about you on Facebook and Twitter! Be a part of the conversation.