Emailey’s Fantastic Reporting Suite

The instant your email campaign is sent, you can view a range of reports relating to your subscriber activity. See who opened your email, who clicked on a link, what links are the most popular, who has unsubscribed, who shared your email on Facebook and Twitter, and much more. All in real time too!



Experience a whole new way of connecting with your subscribers. Just call us “Big Brother”! Each time you send a campaign you have the option to view who has viewed your email, those that clicked links and which links they are, as well as those that share your campaign with friends and family via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Did we mention that you can see all this in real time? More…

Powerful and stunning reports on just about anything

Track all the actions relating to your emails: Who opens? Who clicks on links? Who forwards? Who unsubscribes? Bounces? And much, much more. More…

Clicks and opens

In addition to showing you exactly who opens your campaign, you can instantly see how your design is performing with click overlays. See which links are being clicked, and spot trends to see what’s working and what’s not! More…

Compare your campaigns

Spot long term trends by comparing the opens, clicks and more for multiple campaigns at once.

Integrate Google Analytics with your campaigns

Google Analytics integration means you can track sales that are connected with your email campaign.

Track conversions and ROI

Our large suite of reports allows you to see how well your campaign is doing. You can even export these results in Excel for you to analyse further.


Export to Excel

Reports can be transferred to Excel easily allowing you to further analyse your data or store offline.

Unsubscribes and bounces

You can see all the email contacts that unsubscribed or bounced. If they unsubscribed, we’ll automatically remove them from your database so you can’t send to them again. If they bounced, we’ll try and resend the email to them again.

See what email clients your subscribers are using

Our email client report takes the guesswork out of which email clients your subscribers are using. We’ll show you a full breakdown, saving you time and frustration with design and spam testing. More…

See your campaign reports on the go

Emailey gives you full access to all your reports on your mobile device. What’s better than being able to see your results whilst you’re out and about?

100+ Integrations

Looking to tie in Emailey with your survey, CRM software or blogging engine? Our API allows you to easily integrate with your own platform.