Beautiful, Effective Reporting

Insightful Analytics

For every campaign you send Emailey will create a professional and easy to understand set of real-time reports for you to analyse. Find out who opened your emails and what subjects and offers get the most positive response. This can help you revise content of future email campaigns.


Opens & Clicks

Drill down and find out who is interested in your campaign and their level of interest.

Social Sharing

See who has forwarded your campaign on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.


Which of your emails bounces and therefore could not be delivered. Was it because of an invalid address? If so we will automatically remove these.

Google Analytics

Built-in integration makes it easier to view your site activity, conversion rates and Return of Investment (ROI) of your campaign.

Introducing Worldview

Let us show you who opens, click on your links or forwards your campaign to their friends and family. Plus we will display it on a full-screen world map which you can share. Again all available in real-time!

Totally hypnotised by Worldview. Too Cool. This must be what God feels like!?


Worldview might be the greatest thing to hit online marketing. Ever!


Worldview is blowing my mind – amazing way to bring the humanity back into e-mail marketing.


Totally hypnotized by Worldview, watching people open emails on islands I didn’t know existed!


Social Reporting

Our social sharing feature makes it very easy for your subscribers to share your campaign of Facebook and Twitter. You can even easily add “like” or “share” buttons. We will then show you who shared your campaign and what they said about you and your campaign.

Reports on the go

We know you are busy so that your reports are readily available on your mobile device. With our easy-to-navigate interface you can:

  1. View your sent campaigns
  2. See all reports

Subscriber Snapshot

No need for multiple views! A single page view will show you every interaction you have had with your subscribers. View your subscriber’s behaviours, what email client they are using and even what they look like!

Click Overlay

Our reporting enables you to drill down through to the subscriber level and visit a real-time list of the campaigns they have opened and what links they are interested in.

Email Clients

It can be very difficult to create an email campaign that looks great in all email clients. We ensure this is a thing of the past so that your email campaign looks exactly perfect in each email client.