Top tips for creating a mobile marketing strategy that works

Top tips for creating a mobile marketing strategy that works

With the news that the number of people opening emails on mobile devices is up by around 61 per cent, all businesses should be thinking about how to make a mobile marketing strategy that really works. This means you need to have a website that is either a responsive design, able to be mobile friendly on demand, or a separate mobile site ready to receive your ‘on the go’ visitors.

As well as your site, you’ll need to be considering how you can design your emails to work just as hard for you on mobile devices as they do on desktops. Here are some key tips to creating optimised mobile marketing messages that will demand attention from your recipients.

  • Short and sweet: Keep your emails short and avoid using too many graphics. Graphics may not render well on mobile devices and, even if they do, useless graphics are doing nothing to deliver information to your busy, on the move customer. Reduce the text to a few simple lines, making your message clear in as short a space as possible.
  • Optimise images: If you are planning to use images in your emails, make sure they are optimised for mobile viewing. This should help loading times to be shorter, displays to be more correct, and will define an image size based on the size of the viewing screen rather than the number of pixels.
  • Make links bigger: Clicking anything on a mobile device can be tricky, if not near impossible, if the text is the size of your fingernail. Make calls to action, links and buttons bigger and easier to click, even on a small smartphone.
  • Use responsive email templates: Adopting responsively designed email templates will make it easy for you to write one killer email and ensure it looks great on any device.
  • Link back to your mobile site: A bit of a no brainer, but needs mentioning just the same, is the need to link back to your mobile site when the email detects your recipient is on a mobile device.

Don’t forget to ensure your emails still work on desktops too, as you never know where your recipient will be or how they will choose to view your email.

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