Emailey really is one of the most sophisticated email marketing software tools out there. It’s also one of the most cost effective. We think the features and the price speaks for itself, but if you want a little more persuasion, then here it is!

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Free Value Added Services

As a company, we think we need to do more than just set up an account for you. In order to get the most from Emailey we know our customers benefit from free custom template, free training and ongoing support and guidance.

That’s why we offer a range of free extra services to our customers. To find out more about these, visit our Additional Services page.

Free templates

We know having great looking emails is really important, but not everyone has the technical or creative skills to build them. So we thought we’d help you out and give you access to almost 100 free, beautiful looking, HTML email – all for free!

Check out our free email templates page – you’ll see how you can make your own templates, or pick from one of our ready-made ones. You can also watch our video showing you how to make your own free, mobile friendly templates.

Free account with no contracts

We want people to use Emailey. It really is one of the most sophisticated email software tools on the market today. And because we want people to use it, we don’t understand why we would charge people to have an account. If you want to open an account and then not use it for six months, that’s fine. If you want to open an account and never use it, again, that’s fine (although we don’t see the point of that!).

So get in touch and we’ll set you up with your free account today.

There are no contracts – just use it as and when you want. You’ll only ever be charged when you actually send a campaign.

No cost to store and manage your database

A lot of other email marketing providers charge customers based on the number of contacts in their database. This just doesn’t make sense to us.

It doesn’t matter how many lists of data you have stored in Emailey, or how big (or small) they are – there’s absolutely no charge. So even if you wanted to use Emailey as a secure online storage facility for your data, that would be fine and free! Although using Emailey to just storing data is a bit boring – it’s much more fun to use it to help grow your business through effective email communication… but then that’s just us – we’re kooky like that!

So many fantastic features

Emailey is just jam-packed full of features. Take a look at our feature pages for more information – there’s just too many to list here.

We’ll list a few of our favourites though:

No Emailey logo on your emails

Again, this is something that a lot of email marketing providers do. You send out an email to your customers or prospects… and slapped on the bottom is the logo of your email marketing software provider.

We think that’s a bit cheeky. You’re trying to market your company – not ours.

So you’ll never find an Emailey logo on any of your emails.

Fantastic delivery rates

There’s no point in creating an email campaign if your emails don’t arrive in your contact’s inboxes.

Emailey has full authentication, relationships with ISPs, industry-leading mail servers and more ensure your emails are delivered.

For more information on how we ensure we maintain our fantastic delivery rates, read this blog post: Making Sure Your Emails Make it into the Inbox!

Fully responsive, mobile friendly emails

If you read your email regularly using an Internet-enabled phone, you probably know that it’s an experience that can swing from awesome to awful. While an email newsletter can look superb in the inbox, when squeezed onto a small screen, it can become absolutely unusable, with small fonts, narrow columns and broken layouts being common issues.

Any template you design in Emailey will automatically be optimised for both desktop and mobile email clients.

This means you know it will look just as great on an iPhone as it does in Outlook or Gmail. We even make it easy to see how your template will look on a mobile device as you build it.